Here are the tools that will

make the difference

  • Dashboard

    The quick overview of the current status shows the most important facts about the day and your business.

    • The financial situation at a glance
    • All personal tasks
    • All projects and their participants
    • All personal notes on the individual projects
  • Contacts

    • Classic CRM with all information about a contact:
    • Further contacts in the same company
    • Jobs
    • Letters
  • Jobs

    One of the central heart chambers of werkherz: Here proposals are made, projects are accounted for and expenses are recorded.

    • Create quotes and invoices with a few clicks
    • Entire offers / invoices or individual parts can be saved as favorites
    • Simple billing on the basis of services rendered or with any flat rates
    • Allocation of expenses for the determination of actual income
    • Export as attractive PDF
  • Documentations

    A reasonable documentation of the work on a project is essential. It not only simplifies billing, but also makes decisions and processes easy to understand much later on. It also ends all discussions with customers about billed services.

    • Document decisions
    • Record times and services quickly and easily
    • Notes for internal use only
    • direct comparison of offered services and actual expenses
    • Time-lapse and tasks as additional information
    • Export of the documentation as a clear PDF for the customer
  • Timelines

    Clear project timelines help you meet deadlines, plan projects better, and keep track of the overall impact. And besides, it's a great and impressive service for your customers if you put a professional schedule on the table for them quickly.

    • Easiest scheduling of projects
    • Subdivide a project into any number of individual steps
    • Extend, shorten and move individual steps - all easily with the mouse
    • Download the timelines as an attractive PDF file
    • Total timeline of all projects
  • Tasks

    All tasks for all projects are clearly displayed on a board. The board is divided into three columns: pending tasks, tasks in progress and completed tasks. This makes it clear at a glance who has to complete which tasks for which project and by when.

    • Kanban board for task management
    • Assignment of tasks to team members
    • Target dates
    • The completion of tasks is also stored in the corresponding documentation.
  • Procurement

    Obtaining quotes from printers and other manufacturers is at least as annoying as writing quotes. With werkherz you can do that with just a few clicks.

    • Easy request for quotes from manufacturers
    • Save requests and individual specifications as favorites
    • Personalize requests and email them to multiple recipients at the same time
    • Requests and their recipients are automatically saved in the project documentation
  • Processes

    Regardless of current projects, recurring processes should always be documented separately. Not only does this ensure that nothing is forgotten, it also helps to train new employees.

    • Document recurring tasks and projects
    • Facilitate entry for new employees
    • Securing processes
  • Letters

    Not necessarily the most important feature of werkherz, because who still writes letters anyway? But for delivery notes and the like it is certainly necessary and can be done quickly and well with werkherz.

    • Writes letters
    • Download letters as an PDF file
  • Wiki

    The Wiki is the place for your general, not necessarily project-related information. Add wiki pages, edit them directly in your browser, and upload content so all your teammates have the information they need.
  • Account

    Here you make basic settings for your account and get meaningful reports on different areas of your business.

    • Reports on customers, expenses and financial development
    • Edit favorites for quotes, invoices, and requests
    • Branding
    • Invite and assign roles to team members
    • Import of address data
    • Export of all data stored at factory heart