Job management by creatives for creatives

    werkherz is an administration software that is completely tailored to the needs of creatives, because we developed it as an agency out of our own needs. Whether you are a large agency or an independent freelancer, designer, developer, ... — with werkherz all important business areas can be managed easily and comfortably.

    The focus of werkherz is on easy comprehensibility and maximum efficiency. In particular, it is also about having to type as little as possible. That is why there are many areas in werkherz where you can quickly and easily click together complex documents with ready-made text blocks. You don't have to be an accountant to understand werkherz and be able to use it quickly. That is why werkherz deliberately does things differently from other software solutions in some areas.

    Most of the functions of werkherz should be quite self-explanatory. You will therefore hardly have to bother with this documentation. But it can of course help you to get a quick overview.

    The basic idea

    werkherz is oriented towards the workflow of an agency:
    For a client, first an offer is created. This becomes an order that has to be documented, controlled and managed. This also includes the purchase of services (for example printing or illustrations). At the end, the invoice is created on the basis of the offer and the documentation. The combination of an order, documentation, purchase items, scheduling and tasks is a project.

    At the centre of werkherz are therefore contactsand jobs, these are the two chambers of the heart, so to speak. Each contact can be assigned Jobs and letters. A job in turn can be related to a documentation, scheduling, tasksand procurement. Beyond that there are Processesand a Wiki, which help to store important information and processes.

    This is how the main areas are related to one another

    Basically, work with werkherz begins with the entry of contact addresses. (of course, address data can also be easily import).

    After that, offers are created, which are put together very quickly with your own text modules.

    When an offer becomes an order, the documentation of the job begins, (you decide how detailed you want to get here). In any case, werkherz provides information about the current status of a job at any time.

    Screen layout

    The werkherz screen is divided into four main areas

    The four main areas of the werkherz screen:
    1. on the left the main menu
    2. on top the action buttons
    3. .
    4. on the right the search and additional information on the respective topic
    5. .
    6. The central main area with your data
    7. .

    With the main menu 1 on the left, you can call up the various modules of werkherz such as job management, documentation, timeline, ...

    The action buttons 2 at the top each do something with the content shown in the central main area. 4, e.g. save, or create a PDF.

    On the right side 3, many modules provide supplementary information on the content just shown.


    Any number of members can work together in one account, each of whom can have different roles. These roles are:

    1. Freelancer
    2. Employee
    3. Manager

    In addition, of course, there is also the account holder as administrator.

    The various areas of werkherz are not accessible to everyone, but depend on the account subscription and the roles of the respective account members. After all, a freelancer, for example, should of course be able to contribute to a job documentation, but certainly not get an insight into sales.

    In this documentation, the access restriction to a function or area is represented with this note:

    Manager TEAM

    For example, this indicates that only account members whose role is at least "manager" and the account has at least a team subscription have access.