Contact Details

    For each contact, all important information can be stored here.

    The contact details

    Action buttons 1

    1. Create new contact
    2. Save changes to the contact shown
    3. duplicate the contact shown
    4. delete the contact shown


    The usual address information can be stored for each contact. In addition, there are the following special features:

    You can upload a suitable picture for each contact 2, in which simply dragging the corresponding image file onto the circle in the form. form.

    The "salutation" is automatically inserted into each new letter. that you create for this contact. This always saves a little typing work.

    If something is entered in the "email" and "www" fields, then you can simply click on the respective label in the form to open a new email with this email with this email address or the respective website.

    Additional info 3

    Here you will find a list of the letters and jobs assigned to the contact. and jobs assigned to the contact. These can be opened simply by clicking on the respective title. title.

    In addition, all employees who work for the same company are listed here. company.

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