In the contacts, a list of the most recent contacts is shown first. are shown. This list is sorted in ascending order by company name. For all tables in werkherz, however, you can easily change the sort order by by clicking on the name of a table column at the top of the table. 1. Clicking again on the column header changes the direction of the of the sorting.

    A list of contacts

    In the account settings you can define your own groups (e.g. customers, suppliers, etc.) and then assign each contact to one of your groups. Furthermore, each contact can be marked as an "active supplier" (read more in the Procurement section); these active suppliers are highlighted in the list with a blue dot 2.

    To see all the details of a contact and to edit it, simply click on the line of the contact. The plus button at the top 3 can be used to create a new contact.

    Search 4

    On the right is a search form that can be used to search for specific addresses. specific addresses. The search fields are:

    1. Company
    2. Surname
    3. Group

    With a click on. search will search for addresses for which all the entries apply at the same time.

    With a click on the x at the bottom right of the search form clears all fields of the form. form are cleared.

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