The dashboard shows you a quick overview of the current status of your projects and — as an account holder — the current financial situation of your company.

    The dashboard with a financial overview, current documentations and todos


    1 Here you can see the status of your order situation at a glance. For the current year, you are shown the current totals of open quotations (yellow), orders in progress (light blue), open invoices (red) and paid invoices (green). Finally, the last field (blue) shows the turnover achieved, i.e. the sum of the open and paid invoices plus the orders in progress, minus the expenses noted in the orders. All totals are net figures.

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    2 The second section shows the currently open documentations, divided into documentations for which you are assigned as project manager and documentations for which you are only in the team.

    Freelancers and employees in your team will only see the documentations for which you are in the team at this point, because they are not project managers and consequently cannot be responsible for any documentation.

    Each documentation card shows its title and the avatar of the project manager at the top. In the middle, the avatars of the other team members are lined up and below them you'll see the start and end date of the project. The blue bar at the bottom of the map shows where the project currently stands between the start and end dates. And the left coloured bar of the maps visualises the current intensity/load of the project (more on this at the documentations)


    Click on the card to open the corresponding documentation.

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    3 The last section shows the user's pending tasks, grouped by the documentation to which the tasks are assigned to.

    Click on the card to open the corresponding documentation


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