Good job documentation not only creates traceability of processes and decisions within a of processes and decisions within a project, but also facilitates but also facilitates accounting. The documentation is therefore usually therefore usually directly linked to a job.

    This module first shows a list of all active documentations. Each entry in the list shows the customer and the title of the documentation. title of the documentation, as well as a link to the assigned order.

    The list of active documentations

    New documentations are created at the top via the + action button 1.

    As always with this type of table in werkherz, the list of active documentations can be sorted by clicking on a column header 2; another click on the same column header reverses the order.

    To show all archived documentations, click on the Archive button 2

    Not all ongoing projects are always equally demanding; some projects may also have phases in which they are dormant. In order to quickly make visually clear here and also in the timelines, which projects currently require a lot of attention and which require attention and which ones require little, each documentation can be given an intensity can be assigned an intensity value between 1 and 5 3. In the list, each entry is then marked on the left with a coloured bar corresponding to its intensity from light blue to deep red.

    At the end of each line of the table, a small menu can be opened by clicking the three dots to open a small menu 4. Here you can quickly change the intensity intensity can be changed quickly or the documentation can be closed completely.

    The list of documentations always shows all active ones. On the right 5, you can search for further, also already completed documentations.

    Access to the documentation is basically open to everyone, but only the administrator or project manager can view all documentation. Everyone else only has access to the documentation for which he or she is a member of the team.

    every account member STARTER