Next to contacts, jobs are the central area around which everything revolves at werkherz.

    As an agency or freelancer, you usually first make a client an offer for a specific project. An offer becomes an order when the client has accepted your offer. In the end, the order becomes an invoice, which you send to the client.

    Quotations, orders and invoices each also have different states: first they are "in preparation" if they have not yet been sent to the customer.

    Later they can be completed, i.e. that an offer has not been accepted, that an order has been cancelled, or — which unfortunately can also happen sometimes — that the invoice is not paid.

    In most cases, however, an invoice will hopefully be paid, so that it becomes a "paid invoice".

    These different states of a job are visualised in werkherz with different colours:

    1. Quotes = yellow
    2. jobs in progress = white
    3. open invoices = red
    4. paid invoices = green
    5. canceled jobs = grey
    List of jobs

    Job List

    The job list shows the current selection of jobs and can be sorted by the column titles 1. In addition to the client and job title, you can also see the respective value of the job (net = blue, gross = grey, the sum of expenses = red, revenue = blue and bold).

    Using the year buttons 2 above the list, you can also have list all jobs or all jobs of a year.

    At the right end of each line you have another context menu 3(visualised by three vertical dots), through which you can directly change the status of the respective job.

    Open invoices are indicated by a red bar at the beginning of the line 4.

    Below the list are the totals of the jobs shown 5.

    Search 6

    On the right is a search form that can be used to search for jobs. can be searched for. The search fields are:

    1. Company
    2. Job title
    3. Status

    With a click on. search, the desired jobs are searched for, for which all the entries apply at the same time.

    With a click on the x at the bottom right of the search form clears all fields of the form. form are cleared.

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