Process details

    Action buttons 1

    1. Create new process
    2. Save process
    3. create a PDF of the process shown
    4. delete the process


    Clicking on the title of the process 2 opens a window through which its basic settings can be edited.

    The settings

    In the settings, give the title a short description, which is displayed in the process cards on the overview page of all processes.

    On the right-hand side, you determine who has access to this process. To do this, you either select a level that employees in your team must have in order to have access, or you create an individual group from all team members.

    You can edit the text of the process description as you would in your normal text editing. text editing, i.e. you can select different paragraph and text styles text styles, bold the text, etc. 3.

    On the right, in the "Resources" 4 area, you can also upload can be uploaded. These can be pictures illustrating the process or or files necessary for the process flow, which are thus stored centrally and securely stored where they are most needed: In the process description.

    For each process, access can be set individually, so that individual persons or certain groups can access a process, depending on the requirements. access to a process. This way you always have full control over, who in your team can access which "crown jewels".

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