Favourites play a central role in your work with werkherz. You can make favourites of jobs, purchasing enquiries, timelines and all individual items of jobs and purchasing enquiries. These are then available to you as templates when you create new jobs, purchasing enquiries and timelines.

    Only existing data can be made into favourites. This means that you must first have created jobs / purchasing enquiries / timelines before you can make them favourites. The only exception is the moderation texts for the jobs, which you enter here in the favourites administration.

    Job moderations

    Favourites: moderation texts

    In the jobs, you usually have a moderation text before and after the listing of the individual job positions. This can simply be a general salutation, or specific information about the transaction. In the case of an invoice, for example, the account number and payment deadline, or in the case of an offer, a reference to rights of use.

    werkherz divides the moderation texts into three categories: General, Offer and Invoice 1. You can enter as many texts as you like for each of these categories. Give the texts a meaningful title so that you can quickly identify them later when using them in the jobs.

    Jobs and purchasing requests

    Whole Jobs as Favourites

    On the left you see a list of your jobs 1 and on the right the jobs that have already been marked as favourite 2. Simply click on the stars of the jobs in these lists to change their favourite status.

    For the purchase requests and timelines, this works analogously.

    Individual positions

    Individual positions for jobs and purchasing requests

    For jobs and for purchasing enquiries, you can also make individual items favourites and thus significantly speed up the creation of offers and enquiries.

    A list of individual positions 2 of the selected category 1 can be seen on the left, and on the right the positions that have already been marked as favourites 3. Simply click on the stars of the items in these lists to change their favourite status.

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