With the task management in werkherz you see the current status of your projects at a glance.

    The Kanban Board

    Each task is assigned to a piece of documentation and a team member. And a task is not a real task if it does not have a deadline. deadline, so of course an expiry date can also be defined.

    Because progress in a project often depends on customers (who, for example, have to for example, have to deliver certain decisions or materials), tasks can also be assigned to the respective customer.

    For each documentation, its tasks are divided into three columns open", "in progress" and "completed". New tasks are in the first column "open". As soon as a team member takes on a task, he/she should simply drag it with the mouse into the "in progress" column. in progress".

    Similarly, a task is dragged with the mouse to the last column "done" column when it has been completed. This then also creates a corresponding entry in the documentation, so that it is always possible to who has completed which tasks and when.

    If there are many active job documentations, each with a large number of tasks it can be helpful to hide individual documentations in order to devote to focus only on certain ones. With the arrow button in the upper right corner of a document of a documentation, it can be opened and closed. With the arrow button at the top of the action menu can also be used to expand or collapse all can be expanded or collapsed at the same time.

    By the way, all tasks that have not yet been completed are also listed in the documentation on the right in the "Tasks" section. documentation on the right in the "Tasks" section.

    Access to the task overview is just as restricted as it is for the access to the documentations. This means that if you are not an administrator or project manager, you only have access to the documentation where you are in the team.

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